Best Cocktail Bars in Munich

Munich, without a doubt, is a posh city. Not to be outdone by the abundance of pubs and breweries, Munich’s cocktail culture has developed into one of the most famous in the entire country. This is fantastic for us – since now and then, you need a break from the enormous liters of beer!

Munich has developed into a mecca for mixologists (and those who appreciate well-crafted alcoholic drinks). Every traveler has a pub, from secret speakeasies teeming with gin-sipping hipsters to fancy clubs brimming with drunkenly pretentious artists. Prepare your taste buds, for here are some of Munich’s most excellent cocktail bars!

When it comes to drinking alcohol in Munich, beer is almost often the first and final thing that comes to mind. Why would that not be the case? After all, the Bavarian beauty is home to the world’s largest beer festival and world-famous beer cellars and the best beer gardens on the planet. The frequency with which the word “beer” appears in this introductory paragraph demonstrates the amber nectar’s domination.

However, Munich’s bar scene encompasses much more than steins, and the last decade or so has witnessed the growth of a booming cocktail scene. In Munich, mixologists assert their presence, making the most of gin, rum, vodka, and the rest. While beer reigns supreme in this city, the top bars in Munich demonstrate that there are other strings to this delectable bow. 

Zephyr bar in Munich


The pleasantly minimalist Zephyr is located near the banks of the Isar River. It features an excellent assortment of gins made with fresh ingredients such as local fruits, herbs, and flowers. Lukas Motejzik’s bar offers a unique perspective on handmade drinks by using cucumber-dill juice, sesame oil, or banana-parsley purée as the base for cocktails. Similarly, garnishes are amplified: torched meringue inside a halved passion fruit, a bushel of fresh basil or mint, fragrant coffee beans, or burnt cinnamon sticks.

Herzog bar in Munich


Herzog Restaurant & Bar, located in the heart of Munich, is one of the city’s newest drinking establishments. A black concrete bar counter highlights a lively lounge space. Order beverages like the Jägermeister-based Auntie Hula, which features honey, cherry, mashed pineapple, and dark berry, or the gin-based Far Away Gimlet, which features shiso leaf, rhubarb, and ginger and is served in an owl chalice complete with feathers.

Sophia's Bistro & Bar in Munich

Sophia’s Bistro & Bar

Sophia’s Restaurant & Bar, located within The Charles Hotel in central Munich, serves well-balanced and inventive cocktails prepared by Roman Kern. Kern reimagines classic cocktails by incorporating natural ingredients such as dried fruits and vegetables, powdered liqueurs, frozen herbs, and pickling spices. Shisho is a vodka-based drink made with chili, pomegranate, fresh lime, coconut, and egg white. However, if nothing appeals to you, simply inquire: Kern is known for creating unique drinks upon request.

Club du Couche bar in Munich

Club du Couche

Couch Club is a gin connoisseur’s dream. With over 130 variations on hand, this cocktail bar is well-equipped to create various gin-based cocktails. Gin tastings are held regularly, and attendees can sample over 100 varieties of gin and tonic. If you’re not a fan of gin, there are plenty of alternative options on the extensive cocktail menu. This inviting space features an abundance of sofas for guests to lounge on and enjoy a quiet drink with friends. You’ll find great music, foosball, munchies, and beverages at the Couch Club.

Padres bar in Munich


For sports enthusiasts, the Padres are the place to be. It has the feel of a traditional American sports bar, complete with large-screen television and sports memorabilia on the walls, but with a few eccentricities, such as the silver Zeppelin that circles above the bar. Seating is limited to the long, narrow bar in the front portion, but it provides an excellent vantage point for watching the bartenders create their drink marvels. Over 120 cocktails are available on the beverages menu, all made from scratch with fresh ingredients and are reasonably priced.

Cocktail Bar in Munich

Cocktail Bar

For almost thirty years, the Cocktail House has been a fixture in Munich’s Schwabing neighborhood. Its decor has a romantic aura reminiscent of bygone eras — this is an excellent location for a night out with a special someone. Sunday through Thursday, the Cocktail House’s entire rooms are available for booking, so bigger groups should reserve a table in advance. Daily promotions and cocktails on the firmer side make this intimate cocktail bar an excellent spot for a casual drink.

Negroni Bar in Munich

Negroni Bar 

 The Negroni Bar has a menu of 140 cocktails. Drinks are both trendy and classic, appealing to the palates of all visitors. This traditional American-style bar is quality premium, evidenced by its delectable drink offerings. A limited menu of Mediterranean cuisine is available, which complements the beverage selection wonderfully. Visitors can enjoy their beverages outside on the comfortable terrace during the summer months. The Negroni Bar has received numerous honors for its unique concoctions and is an excellent venue for a classy night out.